SBT Movie Blogger Template free download seo optimized mobile responsive

SBT Movie Blogger Template free download seo optimized mobile responsive

SBT Movie Blogger Template free Professional video website theme with a premium features for posts hosted on google free blogger platform. Compatible and suitable for Youtubers to share Youtbe videos to expand video views for all youtube channels videos, by targeting various audience to get different resources for youtube videos.

It is the best movie blogger Template designed with well customized codes by SoraTemplates designer to be ready for use and simple to customize with any one will use it, its codes are minified for best seo performance. Page speed is tested on google insight and other page load test engines which give a reasonable performance tests.

SBT Movie Blogger Template is ads ready, you can add your adsense ads code into any position on your blog, ads can be displayed on home page with several dimensions, 728x90 header ads unite supported and 300px width ads can be displayed on sidebar with sticky sidebar widgets for best ads exposure.

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SBT Movie Blogger Template Features

SBT Movie Blogger Template is a mobile responsive theme and free to download for everyone without restriction with different use with various blog niche supported including not limited to:
Movie blogs, news mag blog, magazine blogs, personal blog niche and so on with top features can be set as follow:

  • Mobile friendly and responsive on all screen, Desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Page speed load time is optimized
  • Ads ready, support adsense ads, different affiliate programs and many other network ads
  • Sticky sidebar widgets with jquery plugin code
  • Header featured post supported per tag or the most recent posts
  • home page ads 728x90 width
  • Responsive menu, mobile and desktop with dropdown supported
  • Desktop mega meu widget with latest posts and tag/lebels
  • Custom blog search
  • Post share buttons - twitter, whatsapp, facebook and others
  • Error page (404) customized with css and html
  • Customized Follow by email widget
  • Customized home page paginator - requires jquery
  • Footer widgets with three columns
  • Back to top button
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SBT Movie Blogger Template versions

This blogger template comes in tow versions, free and premium blogger template version on its developer's website.

SBT Movie Blogger Template Free version

This is a free version can be downloaded without any further requirement and also can be used on the free blogger sub-domain or under any custom domain with
this Few limitation:

  • You can not use this template without footer credit link
  • Only one is supported and can use this SBT Movie free Blogger Template version
  • The main javascript is encrypted which makes larger than the original code
  • You will not get premium support and premium updates
  • You may see slower page load time -> main javascript is large

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Premium SBT Movie Blogger Template version

On this SBT Movie premium blogger template version downloading .xml file is available only on the designer's website (SoraTemplates). When you get this SBT Movie premium version with main script decrypted and footer credit link removed you can set it up on blog with custom domain or any free blogspot sub-domain with all features unlocked and more premium support.

SBT Movie Blogger template premium features includes:

  • All above locked features on free version are available
  • Multiple domains are supported on this premium version
  • The main javascript is not encrypted and minified
  • You will get premium support and premium updates on time
  • Page load time is fast due to minified main javascript
Mobile friendlymobile + desktop + tablet
Google page insightPassed google insight test
SEO optimizedwell optimized codes
Mobile responsiveresponsive all screens
404 error pagecreated
Pge SpeedFast speed load time
News Tickernot supported
Featured Slidernot supported
Random PostRecent posts instead
Email Subscriptionavailable
Ads ReadyTrue
Video CategoryPer tag - Per post
Footer columnsthree footer Columns
Other Widgetsee SBT Live Demo

How to install SBT Movie blogger template on Blogger

It is simple and easy to install this template aswe have seen than on Filmax blogger template

  1. Download SBT Movie zip file contains .xml theme.
  2. Extract the downloaded template file.
  3. Open .xml format file in any txt editor.
  4. Select all content through -> CTRL + A then copy with CTRL + C.
  5. then next !..
  6. Go ahead to your blogger account and select your blog.
  7. On the main menu go down to settings then select Edit HTML
  8. Select all HTML content then paste your earlier copied .xml code through CTRL + V.
  9. Then Save theme

Final word:

Movie blogger template is now gone viral during the last few years among all video website theme especially for blog and websites. SBT Movie is free to download use on free version which include credit footer link and can't be removed without redirecting to developer website, removing this link is not advisable. Premium SBT Movie blogger is the best choice

Movie Blogger Template Download

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